Calling cards

This winter we picked up some new border material and we’ve finally printed some calling card samples with them. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Gingham border in orange calling card

A single-line Gingham-ish border printed in orange for some extra zip.

This card was printed from a strip of cast border material that we cut to length and then mitered the ends to meet at 45 degree angles at the corners. The typeface is 20th Century.

Gingham-style border in black calling card

Gingham-ish border again, this time in black.

This card uses the same border but without the mitered corners. The typeface is a new (to us) face called Glamour Medium. It’s a fun one.

Old English Border calling card

Old English border with Shaw Text

The border on this card is a new casting of an old border style. Instead of a metal strip, each piece is individual allowing different configurations of the elements. Note how the top and bottom borders use the same elements but are arranged differently. The American Type Founders 1912 catalog lists this as one of several “Old English Borders.” 42 inches of this border material cost $1.50 in that year. The typeface is called Shaw Text.

Ribbon border calling card

Ribbon border with Typo Script

We’d been considering buying this ribbon border for some time, but when we saw it in person there was no question. Like the Old English border, it is made up of individual pieces allowing different configurations of flowing ribbon and has two different types of corner piece. The typeface is called Typo Script. It is designed so that each lower case letter, or sort, has an element that extends to the edge of the metal. When a line of type is set, each letter appears to connect to the adjacent letters.

Cards with each of these borders will soon be available in the Lucky Duck Press Etsy shop.


About Lucky Duck Press

I am a letterpress printer and paper enthusiast.
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