New (old) typefaces

Just before I moved all of the printing presses, type, et cetera out of Brooklyn last year, one of my studio neighbors offered me a type cabinet half full of type. Michael, whose company, Orbino, makes beautiful leather products, was using some of the type for foil stamping on leather but wasn’t using all of it and needed the floor space more than the cabinet. Even though that meant more heavy metal to move, how could I say no?

Now, many months later, I’ve finally gone through it all, pulled proofs, and figured out what the several unlabeled typefaces are. So now there are several new typefaces to choose from for all of my customizable, hand-set products !

Here are the highlights:

Glamour MediumGlamour Medium was released by the Monotype Company in 1948 and is a copy of the German typeface Corvinus (designed around 1930 by Imre Reiner for the Bauer Typefoundry). It is similar to the typeface Eden designed by Robert H. Middleton and released by the Ludlow Company in 1934.†

BritannicBritannic is an American casting of the British Monoline Script designed in 1933.† It’s a fun script because each character is cast with an element that reaches to the edge of the sort (each individual metal letter is called a sort) to connect to the next letter.

Cloister BlackCloister Black was introduced by American Typefounders in 1904 but is an adaptation of another text face designed in 1870†.

Monogram Shadow
This is an odd typeface that I haven’t been able to find much information about. It’s called Monogram Shadow for, perhaps, obvious reasons. The individual outline of each letter is not printed but rather is formed only by its shadow.

In an upcoming post, I’ll announce an exciting new development at Lucky Duck Press and show you some MORE new typefaces that go along with it… stay tuned!

†Most of the information on the typefaces, above, comes from the book American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century by Mac McGrew. It is an excellent book and indispensable reference. If you’re at all interested in typography this one is worth having. It is available from Oak Knoll Press. In fact, here’s a link.

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