New family, new designs … Lily of the valley invitation

This past summer we celebrated my younger sister’s marriage to a great guy from Finland. The celebration was an intimate and elegant garden — and later, pool — party that offered the opportunity for us all to get to know his family and send the couple off to their new life in Finland with some fanfare.

When we first talked about her invitations, the specifics of the day were not yet determined. We knew they wanted something outdoors, simple but elegant, and during the summer. Working from that early vision, I tried to craft a design that would also extend a note of welcome to Rami’s family and celebrate my sister’s upcoming move to Europe.

I had been wanting to use an image of lily of the valley for a while but no project seemed quite right. When we found out, however, that lily of the valley is the national flower of Finland I knew we had our design.

Here are some pictures of the invitations:

The invitationText detail

And, to round out the story, some pictures of the day:

Cake & Flowers


Wedding photographs by Dan Barrett. Flowers by Alessandra Barrett.

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1 Response to New family, new designs … Lily of the valley invitation

  1. Elena says:

    We’re honored to be the first couple to enjoy this beautiful design! It was the perfect invitation for the perfect day. đŸ™‚

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