A post from the official Lucky Duck shopper

Etsy and eBay are my go-to sources for really personal gifts, and I’m leaning on them even more since our move from Brooklyn. (Not that I am complaining, new shop after new shop in our neighborhood was proving dangerous, and I’m more than happy with the trade off that is living in a small rural town with pretty Berkshire mountain views.)

Egyptian Gardens

When a holiday or party approaches,
I haunt both sites, spending hours searching for something highly personal such as the ashtray I bought my dad, stamped with the name Egyptian Gardens, from a club with belly dancing floor shows and Greek music that my parents loved in the ‘60s, and a vintage baby book I found for my best friend/cousin’s shower that could serve as a Mad Men prop. For our first Christmas, I presented Patrick with a bunch of letterpress image cuts.

As a present, this last one was tough to pull off because I really didn’t know much about letterpress at the time. What made a cut a good find and what made one trashed? Things were further complicated by the fact that he had all sorts of automated alerts to any and all letterpress stuff; I was petrified that he would be the one to drive the cost of an item up, trying to outbid me and my created-for-the-occasion’s-need-for-secrecy bidder name.


A printing cut of a vintage bride. A lucky Ebay find!

This bride is one of my favorite wins. The cut is a little rough on the edge but I think that adds a little something to it. I know that the gold standard of the trade is an even impression, but the evidence of wear is the charm for me, a legacy of past impressions, a hint at the object’s history and, in this case, the brides who might have seen it in a local ad, or the newspapermen who might have dropped it in a rush to get the page ready by deadline.

Bridesmaid card

First Lucky Duck printing of the bride image.

We’d love to hear about your favorite old finds, or your speculation on where this image might have been used!

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