110 Years

This year marks the 110th anniversary of The Sterling Press (now the Sterling Name Tape Company, of course) the company my great grandfather founded using much of the equipment I am honored to use today.

To celebrate, we’re turning back the clock in the Shop and offering 50 calling cards for 50 cents – Sterling’s 1901 price – to one lucky person! For your chance to receive this price roll-back, just tell us about a favorite hand-me-down or heirloom in your family in the comments section, below! (We’ll select the winning entry randomly one week from today. See the cards in my Etsy shop here).

Sterling Price card

The Sterling Press price card circa 1908

With the move, this year got a bit away from us, but check back for some more anniversary commemorations before we close out 2011.

The Sterling seal of quality

The Sterling seal of excellence.

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9 Responses to 110 Years

  1. jsol says:

    it’s gotta be a cuckoo clock from my grandparent’s house. it has a large wood cabinet, and dutch style painting and colors on the face. my grandparents are long gone, and i miss them everyday. every time i hear the clock chime, it reminds me of sitting around their kitchen table.

  2. Jeff Scrybe says:

    My favorite hand-me-down is an inkwell my mother gave me before she died.

    It is in the shape of a gargoyle head. The design of which makes me think the Ming Dynasty was an inspiration. It is made of pot metal with a brass patina. The lid is a leaf with an opening for a quill pen. It had a glass insert. The inkwell is supported by a leg that comes out of each side of its head. This little guy has a goatee of which the bottom tip is a front support and the bottom tip of his hair in the back is the back support. I have a photo of one like it.

    I miss it. It was stolen from me.

    Jeff Scrybe (on Facebook)

  3. Mary Barrett says:

    My favorite heirloom is an opal little finger ring, in a silver setting with pearl which was given to me by your Grandmother, who told me that it was a gift from your great grand father to his wife, Pearl.

    • That’s great! I am fascinated by the names and dates of family history but it is the small, personal things that really make the difference. Do you have a photo of the ring? If so, I’d love to see it.

  4. Wow! 100 years! Keep up the great family tradition!

  5. And the winner, by random number generation, is… jsol! Congratulations! We’ll be in touch shortly to arrange your 100 year discount.
    Thanks to everyone for leaving comments for us and thanks for reading!

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