October Unprocessed 2012!

This is not a food blog.

Nevertheless, we love to cook and eat and read and write about food. And so, at the risk of food-related posts outnumbering letterpress-related posts here we’d like to announce that we will be participating in October Unprocessed this year and hope that you’ll consider doing so as well.

October UnprocessedWe were a little late to the game last year and so didn’t truly commit to a month of eating unprocessed foods. This year we’re on time and ready!

October Unprocessed was created in 2009 by our friend and food guru/blogger Andrew Wilder. In a nutshell, participants pledge to eat no processed foods for an entire month. Deciding which foods qualify can be a bit tricky and ends up being a personal decision but Andrew offers much guidance and strategy on his blog. With that said, I’ll let him explain the rest. Here is a link to his October Unprocessed page and all the details: http://www.eatingrules.com/october-unprocessed-2012/

Have a look and participate if you can!

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