People need our help!

Last year we were struck by a hurricane in August and a massive snow storm in October. During both storms our power was out for several days. Since we have well water with an electric pump, that means that, in addition to no lights or electronic conveniences, we have no running water. We do have a gas stove that can be lit with matches instead of its electric start, a wood stove for heat, and plenty of flashlights, candles, and oil lamps. So during those storms we could stay warm, eat, and read even if we couldn’t shower or flush the toilet.

In addition, we live on the side of a hill so, while there is a small river at the bottom, we’re reasonably safe from flooding. Sure, our basement got some water in it but it wasn’t much and was short work for the sump pump once the power came back on.

But we’ve written about that before.

This week we experienced another hurricane. The rain wasn’t nearly as heavy and the winds didn’t seem as bad as Irene. Nevertheless, we were without power for three days. As with the storms mentioned above, this was, thankfully, not much more than an inconvenience.

This was most certainly not the case in the New York metropolitan area. The storm there left an unimaginable wake of destruction. The images that we saw in the news and the stories that we heard from friends and family were heartbreaking. Many people lost their homes, their possessions, and even their lives.

We no longer live in New York City but Lucky Duck was born there and we have many, Red Crossmany loved ones in and around the New York/New Jersey area. So, for the entire month of November, Lucky Duck Press will donate 10% of all sales to the American Red Cross’s Disaster Relief Fund.

The important thing here is to get financial support to those that need it, so if you don’t happen to need any printed matter PLEASE donate on your own.

Donate here:

Please give as generously as you can secure in the knowledge that someone would do it for you if the roles were reversed.

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