The 2013 Martha Stewart Living’s American Made Awards

Dear readers and friends,
I am happy to tell you that, once again, I am a nominee for Martha Stewart Living’s American Made People’s Choice Award!
This year they’re doing things a little differently over at MSL. Last year entries were reviewed and a set of 100 finalists was selected before voting by the general public began. (I was thrilled to be among those finalists.)

This year, there is no first round. What that means, is that instead of a pool of 100 entrants to choose from, there is now a pool of more than 1,000! So the competition will be fierce and I’ll need your help more than ever!

But you, dear friends, have a powerful new weapon in your arsenal and that is that instead of the once-per-day vote that you were given last year, this time you will be able to vote up to SIX times per day. That’s right, SIX TIMES! So vote early and often!

The winner (I hope that’s me!) will receive $10,000 to grow their small business.

Here is the link:

Thanks so much to all of you for your continued support, it really means a lot to me!

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